Life. Elevated.


Life. Elevated.

Nanda Holistic Inc. is dedicated to elevating the quality of human life through innovative natural refinement. Redeeming cannabis and its consumers from the stereotyped identity presently retained, Nanda redefines wellness for the global movement.

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Our Mission:

At Nanda, the "Life. Elevated." mantra speaks to our core values. We believe that an ethical company run by common sense and sound logic, with the humility to learn from and network with like-minded individuals, holds the ability to shape the world around it.



L.E.I.P. Initiative

Redefining cultural understanding towards cannabis is no easy task, and requires establishing a framework for change.

The L.E.I.P. (pronounced "leap") initiative is the succinct statement of our commitment to challenging cultural and social misrepresentation through Language, Education, Innovation, and Presentation.



Names hold an ownership over the named, thus changing a name changes perception. Speaking differently shifts belief and allows for fresh thought patterns to develop as new associations form. 
Determining to alter the focal point, the effects induce tangible behavioral change. 


We live in the Age of Information, and yet one of the most vital plants for human civilization has been obscured and misrepresented.
Our calling is to reignite truth while seizing the opportunity afforded by honest communication and concise scientifically demonstrated results.


Our team specializes in out-of-the-box thinking.
Limiting beliefs often prevents asking questions necessary for the creation of a better future. By examining the bold advances in dozens of leading fields, insight comes in repurposing and redesigning systems that may seem wholly unrelated at first glance. 


Professional appearance creates professional expectations, and anticipation increases when the reward is more desirable.
Simple, elegant branding and packaging convey the value for consumers, as well as establishing company standards. 




"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower"

 -- Steve Jobs --